Moving Supplies

All ready to move, but not quite ready to pack? We not only provide the best car and truck rental and refrigerated truck rental in Hackensack, New Jersey; but also the highest quality moving supplies as well. Fairmount Truck Rental is dedicated to always give you excellent service and we are pleased to provide these supplies to make your moving experience even smoother. Let us know what moving supplies we can provide you with:

Hand Trucks - Makes moving big pieces of furniture (i.e. refrigerators, mirrors, dressers) a breeze.

Dollies - Heavy couches and chairs are no match against our furniture dollies.

Packing Materials - Keep your valuables safe and sound until you reach your destination:

    • Bubble wrap
    • Tape
    • Rope
    • Padlocks
    • Furniture Pads

Moving Boxes - We have the right boxes to get the job done:

    • Book boxes- ideal for small, heavy items
    • Medium moving box- ideal for small to medium, lightweight items
    • Large moving box- ideal for bulky, lightweight items
    • Extra large moving box- ideal for large, lightweight items
    • Wardrobe box- ideal for packing and storing clothing

Contact us to order your moving supplies or reserve your next car or truck rental.

All prices are per day